Cure Massage Parramatta locates at

267 Church St Parramatta NSW 2150. Our experienced massage therapist can help you remove your pain and stress of your body.

Phone: 9893 7863

Q: Why should I trust you ?

    A: We got 4.6★ reviews on google map ! best massage in parramatta, maybe in sydney aswell !

Q: Can I make an appointment by phone?

    A: Yes, PLZ Call us : 02 9893 7863

Q: I have never get massage before, Witch service should I try first?

    A: Try Oil Massage first ,and figure out how much pressure you need ,and witch spots you need focus on.

Q: How much is Oil Massage for 1 hour?

    A: $59 and it’s cheap yes, it’s like beginner level of massage but we provide good services, after that you may try our other services. those are fantastic !

Q: Do you have any discount prices?

    A: Yes we do! with online booking you will have cheaper price! and we are the first one got online booking system in sydney!

Q: Do you have other services?

    A: Yes we do have Facial Spa, and we have Profassional Staff for you to booking (online only).

Q :Do you provide VIP Card?

    A: We are working on it.W

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